R2S Security is a proud member of the Risk 2 Solutions Group of Companies. Risk 2 Solution is a leader in integrated risk solutions and the collective group pioneers innovative solutions in how risk is managed across a broad range of industries, allowing our clients to turn Risk 2 Opportunity. The Group's integrated service streams provide for the very best Risk Intelligence, Culture and Management, Safety, Security, Medical, Consulting, Intelligence and Education solutions.

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Highly specialised, realistic and task orientated training for individuals, organisations and specialist industries.


Personal Safety and Awareness

We have a range of excellent self-paced learning training solutions for individuals interested in personal safety.


Security Risk Management Professionals

As security risk professionals, we understand what fellow professionals need to know. Our training solutions for security risk professionals are based on our practical hands on experience.


Security Officers and Practitioners

We have worked closely with security officers and practioners for many years, and have delivered hundreds of hours of training, tailored to this specialised segment.


Law Enforcement and Military and Agencies

The people who defend our country and our way of life hold a very honoured place. We work hard to deliver the most up to date, practical and industry best practice training available.


School Goers, Teachers and Parents

Our children are our future and protecting them is our number one priority. We have developed the KidSafe program, especially designed to empower our children, teachers and parents.


Women of all Ages and Backgrounds

Our DARE program has been created especially for women. DARE teaches self defence principles designed to empower and enable women from all backgrounds, cultures and ages.


Nationally Accredited Training

We have a range of nationally accredited security and risk based training available. Our accredited courses range from Certificates to Graduate Diplomas.


Organisational Security and Risk Training

Organisations have a duty of care to their employees. We have developed a range of security and risk training options for organisations, including flexible, self-paced online learning.


Safety for travellers

Travellers can, at times, find themselves in potentially life threatening situations. We have designed travel safety and security training solutions for people who travel anywhere around the world.


We offer a range of online security, personal safety, and awareness training solutions for organisations and individuals. Our online solutions offer an inexpensive training solution for those who may be time poor, or simply desire the convenience of online learning. All of our online training is delivered through our R2S Academy platform. Our course are listed below, or simply click on the link below to view our courses directly.

Personal Safety and Awareness Training
Stressful Situation Response
Adrenal Response Management
Emergency Management for Organisations and Responsible Individuals
Stress Management and Resilience Building
Aggression Management
Active Armed Offender Management
Armed Robberty Management
Behavioural Observation and Suspicious Activity Recognition
Fire Safety and Evacuation


All R2S Academy Courses are delivered 100% online. Our platform allows users to conveniently access any course materials from any device or computer.

Self-Paced Learning

We understand that time is a valuable commodity, which is why we have created all our online courses to be self-paced, to fit within busy schedules.

High Quality Instruction

We have used highly skilled, qualifed and experienced instructors to deliver all our online courses. Our instructors are highly acclaimed and aim to deliver the instruction in an engaging format.

Interactive and Engaging

We aim to deliver highly interactive and engaging teaching content, so that our students benefit from the benefits that this type of teaching enables.


Courses and growing


Specialist Instructors and counting

Risk Intelligent People with Common Purpose Create Organisational Presilience

Successfully prevent (where possible), prepare for, respond and recover from, adverse, major business interruption events with Presilience™.